COLORADO SPRINGS — The Special Forces Association celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the United States Army Special Forces with five days of events in Colorado Springs.

“We started planning this event about two years ago before the Flying W was even finished being renovated and built,” said Peter Hudson, Chair of the Special Forces 2022 Convention Picnic.

Former and current Green Berets gathered on Thursday, Sept. 22 at Flying W Ranch for a Medal of Honor Picnic.

“A bunch of retired Special Forces, Green Berets, and people have served with the various Special Forces Group in the Special Operations Community work at all these bases around here,” said Hudson. “They’re local here, we have people from all over the country, and from other countries, people that live outside the country.”

526 people attended the Medal of Honor picnic with four Medal of Honor recipients. The fifth recipient could not attend due to illness.

“These Medal of Honor recipients are people who set the standard not only for Special Forces, but for all the special operations community the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, all our armed forces, servicemen and women around the country and around the world,” said Hudson. “They really epitomize the keywords of service and duty, honor and country.”

The five Medal of Honor recipients included CPT Roger Donlon, MSG Matthew Williams, SSG Melvin Morris, SSG Drew Dix, MSG Earl Plumlee.

Five Medal of Honor Recipients were honored on Thursday

“Serving was an honor and a great responsibility which I am happy to fulfill,” said CPT Roger Donlon.

At the event, three “Originals” Green Berets from the 1952-53 activation were in attendance.

“This may be the last time that I may see that individual,” said Clyde Sincere, “Originals” Green Beret. “Our ranks are getting thinner by the day.”

The anniversary honored seven decades of service from the United States Army Special Forces.

“You know, you’re like blood brothers,” said Henry Bertrand, “Originals” Green Beret. “You can walk up to any one of these guys and talk to him, whether you know him or not. Whether you served with him or not, it’s just like family.”

The Medal of Honor picnic connected members of the Special Forces and their loved ones.

“No one else understands what we have experienced,” said Vahan Sipantzi, “Originals” Green Beret. “You know, the only one who knows what you’ve experienced are those who have gone through it.”

The Special Forces Association national capstone celebration event will continue until September 24. For information on the events click here.