COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado Springs Fitness week is back and the FOX21 Morning News crew is trying out some of the studios participating.

Abbie Burke, works out at Flylife Fitness and she took Craig Coffey and Matt Meister to try out a Lagree class, which is like a Pilates inspired strength-training workout.

“We opened in 2016,” said John O’Connor, Co-Owner and Instructor at Flylife Fitness. “We just moved to this location February 1.”

O’Connor’s wife, Amy, was the driver behind opening the lagree studio, and its the only of its kind in Colorado Springs.

“My wife has been in fitness for literally decades, so she just had heard about it randomly kind of on a fitness blog,” said John. He said she saw it as a fusion of strength training and Pilates and was pretty hooked from day one. She convinced him to take a class and he said he quickly got hooked too.

“I fell in love with it too,” he said. “And then it just kind of went from there.”

“What made me fall in love with Lagree was the idea that you could get a full body workout in a pretty limited amount of time, and the fact that it’s very low impact,” said Tracey Rogers, who attends Flylife Fitness and has been practicing Lagree for about five years.

“When I took the first couple of classes, I noticed it was really different from anything else in that it was a high-intensity workout, but it was zero impact on the joints,” said O’Connor. “And that’s something I didn’t even think existed.”

“I had been in some other activities that have injured my body and Lagree, to me, was just the best way to be able to build muscle without causing any injury,” said Rogers.

Flylife uses spring tension which O’Connor says forces other muscles to have work at the same time.

“So if you’re in a chest press, it’s not just the chest, you’re in a kneeling plank at the same time. Or if you’re in a lunge, you have to keep your core active and your upper body working, so even if you’re working a certain area, the body is the focus. The rest of the body has to do so much to really stabilize and therefore strengthen with it,” said O’Connor.

Lagree focuses on building long, lean, endurance based muscles and some of the exercises will cause muscles to twitch or “shake.”

“You’re getting really deep into the muscle layers and fibers,” said O’Connor. “And it’s a sign of results. So if we see you shaking you know you’re going to be a little sore the next day.”

“I get the shake and then I’m like, ‘Ok, you have to keep going,'” said Rogers.

O’Connor said anyone who tries Lagree is bound to get a good workout.

“This is not like, well I hope I get a good workout. If you do half the workout, you’re going to get a good workout here,” he said.

Colorado Springs Fitness Week runs September 19 -25 and there are 10 local fitness studios participating.

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