(LAKEWOOD, Colo.) — It was like waiting to go on a ride at Disney World as the doors opened for an exclusive tour of Casa Bonita on Friday, May 26.

This Colorado landmark closed its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the ‘Pink Palace’ was then purchased by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The doors to the restaurant first opened in 1974 by Bill Waugh, and fans are hoping the doors will open back up again soon.

Casa Bonita is a one-of-a-kind Mexican restaurant, where you can experience more than just cuisine – you can watch cliff divers jump off a ledge and plunge into a sparkling lagoon.

Cliff diver prepares to jump into the lagoon.

While there was more than $12 million dollars in renovations and upgrades, the mission was to ‘change nothing, improve everything.’ One big addition is the ticketing and food ordering area, where there will be eight cashiers. While ordering food, you can now watch your tortillas being prepared right in front of you.

The kitchen is newly renovated, and staff were preparing food with buckets of jalapenos on the countertop. Inside the restaurant, the railing has been preserved and the restaurant is now ADA compliant, with elevators to help assist people get where they need to go.

While walking out of the kitchen, the smell of Sopaipillas filled the air.

Sopaipillas, a fan favorite at Casa Bonita, will continue to be served to guests.

The sweet treat is covered in cinnamon and sugar then topped with honey.

Sopaipillas being prepared inside of Casa Bonita.

In the heart of the restaurant are the stars of the show, the staple cliff divers. On Friday afternoon, multiple divers performed acrobatic tricks before taking the plunge into the lagoon.

For those wondering what new additions are on the menu, a sample menu was provided:

Updated menu of Casa Bonita. Courtesy: Casa Bonita.

Their new menu features adobo chicken, enchiladas, camarones, and taco salad.

On the internet, there were numerous theories of Casa Bonita opening on Saturday, May 26, which is the birthday of Matt Stone. While this was not the case, Casa Bonita shared they will be reopening soon to the public, and you can sign up to be the first invited inside.