(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Currently, there is fire mitigation work in Fishers Canyon Open Space, the first large-scale project to benefit from a voter-approved ballot issue to fund fire mitigation projects.

The Fishers Canyon project is largely funded by ballot issue 2D from the November 2021 election, which allowed the city of Colorado Springs to keep $20 million in excess tax revenue for fire mitigation projects.

The $506,000 project is funded by 2D, plus $100,000 from the Trails, Open Space, and Parks sales tax program and $30,000 from Colorado Springs Utilities. A total of 89.3 acres will be mitigated.

The project will treat the densely populated mixed conifer landscape and has the potential to steward a healthy and fire-resilient forest for up to 25 years. The project is a collaborative effort between Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, the Colorado Springs Fire Department, City Forestry, and Miller Timber of the Pacific Northwest.

The Project started in December and is planned to last through February, weather permitting.