COLORADO SPRINGS — A number of fires in Colorado over the last nine days remind us that there truly is no “fire season” in our state. Fires are possible every day of the year, especially when drought conditions dominate as they currently are. Exceptional drought conditions, the highest measured category by the United States Department of Agriculture, has been creeping into the southeast corner of the state over the last month.

While you can get the details of the next seven days on our forecast page, the headlines include breezy to windy conditions every day through the start of the weekend with temperatures remaining above seasonal averages. As a result, fire danger will be a major concern this week. The windiest and warmest days will be Tuesday and Friday – we’ll label these days as having extreme fire danger. Gusts may approach 50mph over a large portion of southern Colorado these two days.

We’ll drop the fire danger a little bit on Sunday as a temperature cool through the weekend and we bring a at least a chance of a few showers over the Interstate by Sunday afternoon.

Frequent gusts of 25mph or greater, relative humidity of 15% or less and dry fuels for three or more hours over a 12 hour period

Red Flag Warning Critera

As the week begins though, we focus on the windy and warm conditions. On Monday the gustiest wind and lowest humidity will occur over the San Luis Valley and the higher terrain southwest of Pueblo. In these areas, the specific weather conditions for a Red Flag Warning will be met – these are a combination of frequent gusts of 25 mph or higher, relative humidity of 15% or less and dry fuels for any 3 hours or more in a 12 hour period.

We’ll be warmer and winder for more areas on Tuesday. Wind gusts out of the southwest will spread across the area by late morning and a Fire Weather Watch is currently up beginning at 10 am for all of southern Colorado. This is highly likely to be ugraded to a Red Flag Warning by Monday afternoon.

The outlook doesn’t look very good for the upcoming months either. The Climate Predication Center shows it is more likely than not to be warmer and drier than average over Colorado as we head toward summer. Use the slider below to investigate the moisture and temperature outlook for yourself.