PUEBLO, Colo. — The Colorado State Fair concluded its final events with Fiesta Day, a tradition recognizing rich Hispanic culture and Colorado history.

Every year, Fiesta Day kicks off with a mariachi band and is followed by a vibrant parade, one of the event’s biggest attractions. The parade includes a wide variety of performances which includes flagbearers and cheerleaders dancing on decorative moving floats.

The Colorado State Fair says that “Fiesta Day is by far the most popular day of the fair.” Popular attractions on Fiesta Day include:

  • Charros – Expert horsemen who are famous for their horse riding skills
  • Baile Folklórico (Folk Dances) – Dancers show off traditional Mexican-style dresses and dance to mariachi music.
  • Caballos Amaestrados (Trained Horses) – Also known as a “ballet of horses,” guests will see trained horses perform a special dance.
  • In addition to the classic carnival foods, guests will find traditional Hispanic foods such as tacos, chimichangas, quesadillas, sopapillas, tamales, elote and gorditas

For more information about Fiesta Day, go to the Colorado State Fair website.