Family working to honor teen skater killed in a car accident


COLORADO SPRINGS – The Shipman family is raising money for memorial for their late son Kaleb, after he was killed in a car crash.

“He had so much life to live still,” Mandy Shipman, Kaleb’s mom said.

Mandy said Kaleb was killed in a car accident just 2.5 months after he moved from Colorado Springs to Arizona with his dad. His dad retired from the military and moved for a job.

“My son’s car ended up rolling. He died in the accident immediately, which gives me a little comfort that he didn’t suffer,” Mandy said.

She said the only thing Kaleb could have done differently was put his seatbelt on, but she said he always wears one and wasn’t sure why he wasn’t during this drive.

“I think he left the grocery store and thought he was just going around the corner back home. I don’t know what was going through his head that day,” Mandy said.

Before moving to Arizona, Kaleb attended GOAL High School and spent a lot of time at Memorial Skate Park where his mom said he worked on tricks but also helped teach others how to skate.

Mandy stated:

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made towards Shade Sails for the two parks he frequented most. One in Colorado Springs, where he recently moved from, and one in Tucson, where his family just retired from the military and where his parents grew up.
This GoFundMe will be the only official collection for this fundraiser. The parks we are collecting funds for Shade Sails are Memorial Park in Colorado Springs and The Purple Heart Park in Tucson, Arizona.

“It’s something he would have appreciated if he had still been here,” Mandy said.

Since they were a military family, Mandy said Kaleb did have life insurance through the military. She said all that money will also be donated to creating the sunshades or to the park’s maintenance in general.

“If there is anything left over it will go to the parks because this is where he loved to spend his time,” Mandy said.

If you would like to donate you can by clicking here.

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