Family stays behind in Beulah Hill Fire to save home


BEULAH, Colo. — About 517 families returned home Friday after being evacuated due to the Beulah Hill Fire. But one family never left for more than an hour.

“The minute it went around the sides of the house and our big carport, I said, ‘You know, we better leave.’ And we did leave for about 45 minutes,” said Ed Kagey.

Ed’s son is a firefighter who has been on the job for 25 years. Together, they used his son’s fire knowledge and training to protect both their homes, watering around their home and creating a barrier against the fire.

“I had no gear, which was all at the station at work. So, I had no gloves on, I had a wet towel around my face, didn’t even have glasses on,” Kevin Kagey said.

Kevin’s father lost three storage sheds to the fire.

While everything around their homes turned black, they still have a place to call home.

“We’ll get through it, but it definitely won’t be the same, probably in my lifetime,” Kevin said.

Kevin said he doesn’t recommend anyone do what he did, saying it’s always smarter to get out as soon as you can. But for Kevin?

“It was worth a chance to take to save the house, because I knew it would burn if we weren’t there,” Kevin said.

Evacuees should expect to see law enforcement spread across town as people resettle into their homes. Fire officials said they are there to help answer any questions and point you to where any resources are.

More dumpsters will also be brought in to take in food that’s gone bad during the fire.

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