(FREMONT COUNTY, Colo.) — Farrah is not your average golden retriever.

She went missing in June after a car accident.

“On June 21st of this year with my dad, who had to be cut out of his truck. In all the chaos, she kind of ran away,” said Farrah’s owner, Taylor Salazar.

She ran away on a busy road and her owner said the odds were already against her.

“It’s a busy thoroughfare for Colorado,” Salazar said. “There’s also predators like coyote packs, mountain lions…”

This made the hunt for Farrah that much more dire.

“We searched every day, morning, and night,” Salazar said. “My brother drove from Denver to come help look, my parents out of Las Vegas came and helped to look. So, there was a lot of people that love Farrah. And it paid off all right.”

Farrah still loves going outside and playing fetch with her owners.

On Sept. 11, something miraculous happened.

“We were approached by the Fremont County Sheriff’s [Office], I was like, this is how we’re going to get her back,” said Salazar.

The Sheriff’s Office had a heat-seeking drone which they used to successfully find her, but then the real challenge began – catching her.

“She wouldn’t come to us. She was in survival mode.” Salazar said she brought a bag of chicken to try and lure Farrah.

“Once she realized it was me, she hopped through a fence and was in my lap.”

An emotional end to a three-month long search.

“I started crying right away because I had been searching for her for months,” Salazar said. “And then, the people that were there helping us were tearing up.”

Now, Salazar said she is hoping to pay everyone back by starting a nonprofit.

“We’re starting an organization called Farrah’s Friends where we’re hoping to be able to buy the same type of drone that helped find Farrah.”

She said it’s a way to help find other pets that have gone missing. If you would like to help, you can find out how to donate on their Facebook page.

“It could happen to anyone, a car accident like us or if your dog hops a fence and you can’t find them or you never find them again, hopefully we can help.”