COLORADO SPRINGS — Six-year-old Simon Currat was bitten by a rattlesnake on July 5.

Simon’s mother, Lindsey Currat, describes last Tuesday as a normal day.

“Last Tuesday was a very normal day for us. My daughter had therapy in the morning, I took the kids to the library, and Simon had just started horsemanship lessons at reigning Hope,” said Currat. “We went to his horse lessons and and then after dinner, Nic decided to take Renee and Simon on a bike ride.”

Currat said Simon liked riding his bike in Bluestem Prairie Open Space because it was bumpy and off-road.

Simon Currat riding his bike. Courtesy of Lindsey Currat.

After being bitten by the rattlesnake, he was immediately taken to emergency care. He died four days later.

“Our hearts are broken. And the pain is so deep,” said Currat. “And I want my son back. And he was such a cool kid.”

Simon along with his siblings Anna, Renee, and Victor. Courtesy of Lindsey Currat.

Simon was a rising first grader and his mother described him as incredibly smart.

“He was incredibly smart. He taught himself to read at the end of pre-K and his mind was wrapping itself around multiplication,” said Currat. “I don’t even know how he does it.”

Simon also enjoyed painting and had recently begun horseback riding lessons.

Simon at horseback riding lessons. Courtesy of Lindsey Currat.

“He had just started horsemanship lessons at reigning Hope Therapy Services, and he was really excited about that,” said Currat. “He had a very kind and helpful heart.”

Simon with sibling Victor. Courtesy of Lindsey Currat.

The Currat family attends services every week at Calvary Worship Center.

Currat says her faith in Jesus is a reminder she will see Simon again.

“But this is a time where my faith feels really shaken but what I want to say is that I know that faith by itself has no power. Jesus has power,” said Currat.

The family has a Facebook page, Anna Unlimited, for their first daughter.

“Anna was born in 2014, and she had suffered a hypoxic brain injury in the womb. She was born prematurely and is severely disabled,” said Currat. “We have a Facebook page called Anna Unlimited, where people can follow our story with Anna.”

They posted on Facebook when Simon was bitten and Currat said they received many prayers.

“It just exploded. We just had more people join, praying for our family, it’s just unbelievable,” said Currat.

To support the Currat family or send prayers there is a GiveSendGo campaign.