COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Cimarron Hills firefighter-paramedic was laid to rest Monday.

Many gathered at New Life Church, where family and friends shared stories of Jermaine Frye.

“Thank you for doing the job that is the last hope for a lot of people,” said Megan Brockman, Frye’s fiancée.

This was the message Brockman had for first responders at Frye’s memorial service.

Frye was injured in a training accident on October 28 and was taken to the hospital and released.

He was found in cardiac arrest at his home the next day when he later died.

Frye was just 31-years-old.

“They had this accelerated love story, this accelerated relationship, but when you know, you know. And it’s because of this accelerated relationship that allowed them to experience so much in their time together,” said Cimarron Hills Fire Chief Matthew Love.

Frye and Brockman fell in love just two weeks after their first date in April 2015.

Brockman says they never left each other’s side after that.

“This last week has felt like a nightmare I should wake up from. My eyes should open, and he should be lying next to me, and I can tell him how painful life is without him,” Brockman said.

The news of a baby on the way had the couple glowing.

“He was elated to be a father, he eased my nerves about being a mother. And I don’t understand why he’s been taken when this should have been the happiest time of his life,” Brockman said.

His family spoke of funny memories with Frye, along with his firefighter family.

The firefighters made a promise they hope Frye hears.

“Rest easy brother, we have it from here. We’ll watch over Megan and small Frye for you,” a friend of Frye’s said.

Brockman says she plans to do all of Frye’s favorite things to do once their child is born, including fly fishing, traveling and watching every Broncos game.

Frye loved his job and helping people.

He deployed as a firefighter with the Department of Homeland Security and assisted with search and rescue efforts during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

He received the Medal of Honor and recognition from the president for his role as a first responder during the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora.>> Click here if you’d like to donate to Frye’s family.