Families reunited during latest Fort Carson homecoming


With flowers in hand, matching t-shirts in tow and the whole family ready to go, Devante Dillard was ready to welcome his wife, Sgt. Ashley Dillard, back home after nine months.

“I’m just happy to be back,” Ashley said. 

They are one of the 177 Fort Carson families who were finally reunited with their loved ones Friday.

It’s a sacrifice only the proud and the brave know how to do. A sacrifice Ashley knows all too well, especially after having to leave while in the midst of nursing her youngest son.

“When you’re blessed with a godly woman, you have to take pride in that woman, especially when she makes sacrifices beyond that of the normal person,” Devante said.

The Dillards have a strong foundation of support to help them through the tough times.

“We as a church family, we had to come through for him being a single parent,” Kerwin Griffin said.

With this day being International Women’s Day, Ashley’s homecoming is this much sweeter.

“I feel like there’s a unique strength in woman period, so it’s very capable for any woman to do this,” Ashley said. “We’re celebrating women. This is for us.”

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