Falcon Elementary students use calculators to program dancing robots


Some robots made a surprise for students at Falcon Elementary Friday. 

The robots, named “Rover,” don’t move on their own. They need the students’ help. The robots have graphing calculators attached to them that the students code to make the robots dance. 

The STEM Squad says this is a great way to get students coding early, without them even realizing they’re learning. 

“They can see things they can do with it that they enjoy doing, so that later on they can continue to keep those skills going,” said Dale Philbrick, director of professional development for Texas Instruments. “We need engineers, and we need people who have STEM skills in the workforce, and getting students to learn this earlier just gets them more ready and builds that foundation for later on in life.” 

These skills can help third, fourth, and fifth graders get a jump start on engineering, so in high school they can take advanced math and science classes. 

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