COLORADO SPRINGS — Neighbors in Ivywild are hosting the first ever Ivywild Garden Art Toure (IGATE) on Aug. 27.

Ivywild is inviting everyone to the wild and quirky toures through local gardens, outdoor artwork and crafts from people in the neighborhood.

The Toure will start in the gardens of the Millibo Art Theatre located on 1626 S. Tejon St. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will be a garden art mart outside the theater featuring donated plants, garden tools, artworks and other related items. Some gardens will be similar to urban farms with chickens, goats and beehives, or permaculture food forests with dozens of fruit trees. Others feature traditional flower beds abloom with color. All gardens will feature unique pieces of art.

Those enjoying the Toure can also learn about soap making, beekeeping and garden photography among other creative pursuits. There will also be garden experts to answer plant questions.

“The art scattered throughout the yard, house and neighborhood is a passion of ours and makes our house a home. Most of the art and adornments are homemade or junk we have collected over the years,” says Jill Clark, a local contributing artist.

Jewelry maker, Ace McCasland, will be among the featured artists and craftspeople at various stops. At another historic home, you’ll discover the work of Suzanne Favier and her Carriage House Art. Favier heads a group of plein air artists dubbed the Garden Artists who will be painting in the gardens.

The event will be accepting donations. All proceeds will go toward the Ivywild Improvement Society’s neighborhood beautification efforts.

Patrons are encouraged to take a leisurely stroll through the historic neighborhood or bring bikes to pedal between gardens. All gardens are private and may not be able to accommodate strollers, walkers or wheelchairs due to narrow pathways and steps.