Ever wanted to be a Lord or Lady? It might be easier than you’d think


Courtesy of Highland Titles.

COLORADO SPRINGS– This year, if you’re stuck on finding that special something for that special someone who has everything, check out Highland Titles & Celtic Titles.

Highland/Celtic Titles is an organization that will offer you the opportunity to become a Lord, Lady or Laird of a plot of land in Scotland or Ireland, allowing you the opportunity to visit your property located in a nature reserve should you visit the country.

Courtesy of Highland Titles.

Lord Stephen Rossiter said that the company was founded around 10 years ago with the intention of creating a nature reserve for the preservation of Scottish lands and indigenous species without having to jump through the hoops of acquiring government funding.

“We divided up the land into one square foot segments or so and sold them, so then people were part of the nature reserve. We also started selling the land with a title of a land owner–“laird” in Scotland- as a courtesy title along with Lord and Lady as an option,” Rossiter said. “Just a bit of bragging rights to share with your neighbors. Americans do love it!”

Courtesy of Highland Titles.

The company now protects five nature reserves in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland known as Celtic Titles Nature Reserve. Its Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Glencoe, Scotland, is home to a wildcat and hedgehog rescue and offers tours to all tourists who come to see their plots of land.

Rossiter said, “At a point where it’s really hard to buy for the person who has everything, and this gift encompasses quite a lot. You get the Lord or Lady title, you get to take care of nature, and you get to say you own the land whether it’s in Scotland or Ireland.”

Courtesy of Highland Titles.

While Christmas is close at hand and shipping can be quite dodgy as to whether items will arrive in time for the big day, Highland Titles offers many options of downloadable, printable, eco-friendly certificates as well as photos and Google Map location of your land and more.

Courtesy of Celtic Titles.

There are also a variety of options including the size of the plot, customizable certificates, options for couple plots and shared titles and much more. To view the options or to learn more, click here.

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