(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Pueblo Police Department (PPD) arrested a five-time convicted felon and FBI Safe Streets Wanted Fugitive who escaped from Community Corrections in October 2022.

Samuel Jaramillo, 34, was arrested for two active felony warrants from separate cases in 2022. Both were for Failure to Comply, one of which was a Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender (POWPO) warrant. He is a five-time convicted felon, which includes a Victim’s Rights Act (VRA) Crime.

Jaramillo was previously arrested in July 2022 and was found to be in possession of two handguns, one of which was stolen. He was sentenced to Community Corrections for the two 2022 cases but escaped in October 2022, according to PPD.

On Thursday, December 8th, 2022, detectives from the Special Investigation Division, were policing near the corner of East 4th Street and North Joplin Avenue when they saw Jaramillo driving in a vehicle and park in an alleyway.

Other detectives and patrol officers were then able to converge on Jaramillo and take him into custody without incident. He admitted to having a handgun in the vehicle. During a search, detectives found a loaded 9mm handgun under the driver’s seat along with ammunition for the handgun found under the passenger seat.

Jaramillo was booked into the Pueblo County Judicial Center on his warrants and a new charge of Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender (POWPO).