COLORADO SPRING — A new restaurant is open for business in downtown Colorado Springs. Epiphany, a mesh of cafe, bar, music venue, and restaurant with a Latin-American cuisine, heralds itself as more of a community gathering place rather than somewhere to grab a quick bite.

You can have coffee or an adult beverage any time of the day with Epiphany’s all-day hours. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

Formerly the site of the Thirsty Parrot, the new owners said the moment the space became available, they immediately jumped at the opportunity.

“We knew we just needed to be here in this little spot,” said Mandy Todd, managing partner of Epiphany.

Mandy Todd talks about what sets Epiphany apart from the other restaurants. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

The idea, the owners said, was to bring something new and different to the old historic building. One way they’re doing this is by serving coffee, cocktails and food from 7 a.m. to late at night.

“The community will teach us how this place gets used. And being in this all day concept we know that we can fill some gaps at different parts of the day, different days of the week… seasons… that are just missing at this point,” Todd said.

The owners said the area is set up to encourage people to sip on a drink and hang out – doing work or business as long as they want to – and look out the huge windows from one story up.

Stay awhile. Lounge areas like this one are to encourage guests to hang out as long as they like. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

“Even the space itself is supposed to bring together multiple ideas and experiences into this one space,” Todd said.

The cuisine itself is unique as well, the owners said. While it is a Latin-America theme, their chef has roots in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, and Columbian heritage. They said they want to bring all of that background to their cooking. When asked what menu item she recommended, Todd said the arepas are not to be missed.

“Amazing salty sweet corn cake that is cut in half and stuffed with egg and avocado and Colombian chorizo or your meat of choice… I mean it’s just really kind of to die for.”

Soft lighting adds to the warm and comfortable atmosphere. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

Epiphany hosts events on the weekends, but if you want more information on which local artists are playing, and when, you can check out their website here.