COLORADO SPRINGS — Ent Credit Union is celebrating its 65th birthday by giving deserving teachers across Colorado, thousands of dollars.

The “Gifts for Teachers” program will award one teacher per month $6,500 through December 2022. The program, which began in March of this year will give out a total of $65,000 throughout the ten months.

According to Annie Snead, the Community Advocacy Partner for Ent Credit Union, they are still looking for teacher nominations across the state as the back-to-school season begins.

“Whether it’s your kid’s teacher, whether it’s a peer… whether it’s a former teacher, nominate them,” said Snead.

According to Snead, a group of panelists at Ent from its Education Team will review all the submissions monthly and select a winner.

“A lot of them are retired public school teachers, so I reached out and asked them to be part of the panel,” said Snead.

The $6,500 gifts can be used towards anything, and do not need to be spent on education purposes.

“But of course, knowing a lot of teachers, some have told us that is exactly where it’s going,” said Snead.

To nominate a teacher, you can learn more about how to do so, here.