(COLORADO SPRINGS) — With the City General Municipal Elections rapidly approaching on April 4, FOX21 sat down with Christopher Mitchell, a longtime homeowner and electrical engineering contractor, who will be on the ballot for mayor of Colorado Springs.

Engineer Christopher Mitchell runs for Colorado Springs mayor

Mitchell said he’s focused on the community as a patriot, constitutional conservative and rugged individualist. His platform is focused on improving communication and problem-solving in the mayor’s office while maintaining fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

“Honestly, we’re not really the city of champions at this point,” stated Mitchell. “I just can walk down the street downtown and when you see homeless people in the park and libraries are becoming homeless shelters, is that a city of champions? I don’t think so.”

As mayor, Mitchell said public safety is his top priority as is cleaning up the city.

“You need someone in this office that’s going to turn the tide and bring the city back around,” claimed Mitchell.