COLORADO SPRINGS — Rolling into the new school year with a big surprise. Kindergarten and first-grade students at Academy Endeavour Elementary School were screaming with excitement as teachers revealed a set of new bikes.

“I love this. I didn’t even know this would happen in real life,” said Lila, a first grader at Academy Endeavour.

Students will be learning to ride on special Strider Bikes, which teach kids balance without training wheels.

“The science behind the straighter bikes is to never get them relying on anything other than their own balance,” said Tim Brubaker, Physical Education teacher at Academy Endeavour Elementary.

“My most excited thing is like getting to ride it and like do it riding the bikes in assembly and riding it around the whole gym,” said Lila.

Academy Endeavour is now part of the All Kids Bike Program. Organizers say only one in four kids learn to ride a bike and this program aims to change that.

“And many times I get fourth graders, fifth graders telling me that they just got off their training wheels. And when I was growing up, it was a lot younger. And so getting the kids that confidence and that balance early is going to be really critical,” said Brubaker.

First the kids will practice balance and control on the Strider Bikes before adding pedals to them and learning riding techniques.

“Bikes inside the gym is not a common thing, and I know that they’re just new to school, especially the kindergartners. But for them, it’s going to be common,” said Brubaker.

Over a hundred students will be using the bikes during their physical education classes.

The program provides schools with everything they need to get their students rolling, including pedal conversion kits, helmets and training for teachers.