PUEBLO, Colo. — CORE Electric Cooperative (CORE) has given notice to Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, Inc to withdraw from partial ownership of the Comanche Unit 3 power plant.

CORE states that PSCo’s managing of the plant has not met industry standards, resulting in CORE incurring millions of dollars in repair and maintenance costs. CORE also states that the number of offline days, or the number of days the plant is not operational has deprived CORE members of power.

“Systemic failures by PSCo to prudently operate Comanche 3 since it came online in 2010 have severely impacted our commitment to providing affordable, reliable power to our member-owners,” said Jeff Baudier, Chief Executive Officer of CORE.

CORE said that under their agreement with PSCo they have the right to withdraw ownership and PSCo must buy out CORE’s ownership of the plant. CORE filed a lawsuit against PSCo on September 7, 2021, alleging that PSCo breached its contract related to Comanche 3.