Walker Stapleton makes final push for votes in Colorado Springs


Republican candidate for governor Walker Stapleton stopped by FOX21 Monday to make a final push for voters in Colorado Springs. 

Lauren: “As of today, the website FiveThirtyEight had you at a five percent chance of winning this. How daunting is that?

Stapleton: “Not daunting at all. I mean, if their predictions were accurate Hillary Clinton would be president. If I had believed the polls I never would’ve been the treasurer of Colorado.”

Lauren: “Let’s talk about education, I’m amazed by the amount of school choice there is in Colorado. It does seem like parents have lots of options, yet you want to expand that. What exactly would you like parents to be able to do?”

Stapleton: “If you look across Colorado’s 178 schools districts what you find is that students population has grown by 6 percent, teachers by 8 percent and unfortunately administrative costs have grown by 35 percent. That’s a raw deal for me as a parent and for all Colorado parents. The dollars we are spending aren’t getting into the classrooms where they belong to improve student-teacher ratios. To ultimately pay teachers more. We did an analysis that found if the students and teachers in line with administration costs we’d have as much as $4000 more per district to pay teachers”

Lauren: “There’s been a lot of talk about a blue wave, Democrats mobilized out of their dislike for Donald Trump. What do you want to say to the people inclined to vote straight democratic?”

Stapleton: “I would encourage Democrats to vote for their jobs, to vote for their small businesses because the payroll taxes associated with what [Polis] is promising will cause every business … not to be able to do business in Colorado.”

Lauren: “It’s been tough for construction companies to find skilled workers… aren’t undocumented immigrants an asset in these industries, especially when we’re talking about growth, roads?”

Stapleton: “The issues of sanctuary cities is totally separate of someone entering this country on a temporary work visa to work in the ski industry, or agriculture industry, or contribute to Colorado’s economic lifeblood. Those people are most welcome here. Sanctuary cities is a narrow issue of somebody who has entered the country illegally and committed a felony.”

Lauren: “How do you reconcile your stance on legal marijuana with the federal government’s?”

Stapleton: “I don’t think we’re in a place to repeal marijuana in Colorado. But I think we can do a lot from a regulatory standpoint. It’s still, quite frankly, easier for an 18-year-old to get a medical card than a six pack of beer.”

Lauren: “What’s one thing you admire about Jared Polis?”

Stapleton: “He has a lot of creative ideas, I’m just concerned that the state of Colorado has no way to pay for it.”

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