USPS works hand-in-hand with election officials to ensure every vote is counted


EL PASO COUNTY– The El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Office and the United States Postal Service, are working hand-in-hand to ensure all ballots are safely transported to be counted.

With less than a week away from Election Day, the Clerk and Recorder’s office said out of 450,000 ballots in the county, 210,000 have been received and counted.

USPS picks up from blue collection mailboxes and the election officials pick up from the ballot drop boxes.

The mail-in ballots are gathered at USPS, and election officials take the ballots, secure them in a sealed bag, and drive them to the center to be counted. Two ballot runners log their names and a witness assists with the process.

Deadlines for ballots:

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office said everyone should now return their ballots to a drop box or vote in person.

There are 37 locations across the state. Click here to view drop box locations.

Dropbox locations in our area

For polling centers in our area, click here.

>>NEW<< Click here to track your ballot with the state’s official Ballottrax website.

October 26 was the deadline for mailed ballots to be turned in on time.

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