Pueblo mayor will be decided with 2019 runoff election

PUEBLO, Colo. - Out of 16 candidates for Pueblo's first mayor, it still is not clear who will be elected to the position. A January 2019 runoff will ultimately decide. 

The top two candidates, Nick Gradisar and Lori Winner, are only separated by about 287 votes as of Tuesday night. 

Because no one candidate received even close to 50 percent of the votes, the top two candidates will go to a runoff election on January 22. 

As of 9 p.m., Gradisar leads with 4,264 votes. Lori Winner follows with 3,977 votes, Chris Nicoll has 3,911 votes, and rounding out the top four is Steve Nawrocki with 3,879 votes. 

This is Pueblo's first-ever mayoral election. In 2017, Pueblo voters approved a change in the city charter to become a mayor-council form of government instead of the city manager-council form.  

Whoever is elected as Pueblo mayor will get a yearly salary of $150,000. 

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