(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder gave some important updates to the election office on Wednesday, Oct. 18, and said a new website, which has been in the works for about a year, is finally launching for the county.

Designers say the website is intuitive and easy to find any information voters need.

The website was made to simplify the process for people in Pueblo County looking for local election results. They also say it will create a better workflow for the November election and those in the future.

“We have wonderful elections staff, all of the election clerks are amazing, very knowledgeable, very good at what they do, [and] now we have a place to operate that will showcase their skill, knowledge, and talent,” said Candace Rivera, Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder.

If you’d like to keep track of upcoming election results or learn more about the new website, click on the link above.