(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Mayoral Candidate Longinos Gonzalez Jr. sat with FOX21 News on Monday, March 20, to talk about his experience in public service and what his focus will be as Mayor.

Gonzalez Jr. is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, a former middle school teacher, and is currently the El Paso County District Four County Commissioner.

Gonzalez Jr. said his focus is on improving roads and infrastructure across the city and recruiting law enforcement with training to promote public safety.

“I really want to prioritize improving our public safety fighting crime, improving our roads and infrastructure, and making sure we are addressing those water and growth concerns that are really coming from many residents in the last several months and year,” said Gonzalez Jr.

He promises he will not raise taxes and can use previously approved revenue to fund new projects. “Make sure we get back to the basics and keep our taxes low,” said Gonzalez Jr.