(COLORADO SPRINGS) — FOX21 News spoke with Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidate, Jim Miller, about his priorities for the city, specifically dealing with crime.

Miller said he has lived in Colorado Springs for 14 years, he is a business owner and a Marine Veteran. Miller’s top priorities are infrastructure and dealing with crime.

Miller specifically wants people convicted of sex crimes to be forced to live at least five miles away from schools and their victims.

He does not have any political experience but he believes that gives him a better perspective of what the city needs.

“I mean you see, it’s not like I’m tidy and clean right now, I’m working today. I deal with it every day. I deal with the thieves and the addicts… I deal with people stealing catalytic converters off the cars in my shop… I deal with people breaking in and stealing things. We deal with it and we see it, you know, so maybe that’s the only difference,” said Miller. “I don’t know, I consider nothing special or different about me, I’m just a guy.”