(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The District Attorney (DA) for the 4th Judicial District said no criminal charges will be filed based on allegations submitted to the DA’s office by gubernatorial candidate Danielle Neuschwanger.

According to a letter sent to Neuschwanger by the 4th Judicial DA, an investigation was launched in response to Neuschwanger’s allegations of voting violations at the Colorado Republican Assembly on April 9.

Neuschwanger alleged that there were violations at the assembly regarding delegates and their status as eligible, as well as the voting devices used to cast votes. Neuschwanger said the voting devices were “weighted” to give certain candidates and unfair advantage in the voting process.

“Regarding the first category of concerns raised, there was no evidence of criminal violations discovered during our investigation,” DA Michael Allen’s letter to Neuschwanger reads. “Additionally, the concerns you raised are better addressed through the well-established processes set out in the Colorado Republican Party by-laws governing the various aspects of your allegations.”

DA Allen also addressed Neuschwanger’s concerns regarding the voting devices, and said her concerns were unfounded and no evidence was uncovered in the investigation to support her claims.

“All evidence collected shows that each eligible voter was able to vote one time in each race using the designated voting devices, and that no candidates were “weighted” to give them an unfair advantage in the voting process,” DA Allen concluded.

DA Allen declared the investigation into this case closed, and said no further action would be taken unless Neuschwanger could provide “new and compelling evidence” to support her complaints.