Governor's Debate: Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis on the issues

PUEBLO, Colo. - On Monday, Colorado candidates for governor Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis met in Pueblo to debate on issues that affect voters in southern Colorado. Issues ranged from infrastructure to school funding. The debate was hosted by the Pueblo Chieftain at CSU Pueblo. 

Q: Colorado's road, bridges and transportation infrastructure needs work throughout this state. Not just the I-70 corridor how will you help us get better highways and transportation in southern Colorado?

Q: You've made providing affordable healthcare a center point of your campaign. How can you make insurance less expensive while covering more people? 

Q: Some of the TV ads against you have painted you as being linked to President Trump. Is that a fair characterization? What is your opinion of the president's time in office? 

Q: Legalized marijuana is bringing some new revenue for cities counties and state. But it's also bringing poor and homeless here to Pueblo and other cities. What is your vision for the future of the marijuana industry in Colorado. 

Q: Gov Hickenlooper recently signed an Executive Order that could lead to California style vehicle emission standards. A group of Pueblo area auto dealers along with the Colorado Automotive Dealers Association say the move amounts to unneeded regulation that will drive up the cost of vehicles. [Environment, Economics]

Q: Southern Colorado School Districts are struggling to find money to pay for basic materials and repairs old buildings. How can the state more fairly distribute much-needed funds to communities outside the Denver-metro area? 


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