COLORADO SPRINGS (FOX21) — Candidates for Colorado Springs mayor made their pitches for why they deserve the seat at the Mayoral Candidate Forum held at The Broadmoor, on Monday, Feb. 27.

The event was hosted by FOX21 and the Winter Night Club, and moderated by FOX21 Evening Anchor Scott Kilbury, and featured all 12 candidates.

Over 140 people showed up for the event, and while part of the audience was made up of members of the Winter Night Club, the organizer said many community members also attended to find out more about their future mayor.

“I think most people showed up today to see the great candidate slate that we have for mayor and that they’re concerned about our community and they want to ask questions of these candidates,” said Patrick Davis, President of the Winter Night Club.

The seat for Colorado Springs mayor, now open, after current Mayor John Suthers, has held the seat since 2015.

“There’s greater interest in this race this time because it’s an open seat… and so here’s an opportunity for a new face,” said Davis.

The 12 candidates come from all walks of life. Some emerged from traditional routes which include city council members and county commissioners. Others, not so much like comedians, engineers, and even one candidate described himself as just a guy.

Seated from left to right was Sallie Clark, Andrew Dalby, Darryl Glenn, Longinos Gonzalez, Jim Miller, Christopher Mitchell, Yemi Mobolade, Lawrence Martinez, Kallan Rodebaugh, Tom Strand, Wayne Williams, and John “Tig” Tiegen.

In the interest of time, the candidates on stage had one minute each to answer questions, trying to use that minute to distinguish themselves from each other. Yet, all of them, acknowledged that issues of homelessness, housing, and crime are at the forefront of this city.

“Any opportunity that these candidates get to interact with various groups of people in our community, just makes them a better candidate. And if they’re elected, it will make them a better mayor,” said Davis.

The forum ended with questions from the audience. Community members want to know what they can expect for the next two years.

The election is approaching soon and will take place on April 4, 2023.