PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — Incumbent Gilbert “Bo” Ortiz will not serve as the Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder after his current term ends this year, per the results of Tuesday night’s Primary Election results.

Ortiz has served four consecutive four year terms in the office, after first being elected as Clerk and Recorder in 2006. Before his term as Clerk, Ortiz was elected to the Pueblo City Council in 2003 where he served as the District 2 Councilman for three years.

In the 2022 Primary Elections, Ortiz faced challenger Candace Rivera for the Democratic race, ultimately falling to a wide margin – Ortiz had 4,055 votes and 31% of the vote, Rivera won 8,897 votes and 69% of the vote.

Rivera worked as a Pueblo Law Enforcement Victims Advocate for A Community Organization for Victim Assistance (ACOVA), before moving on to become a community advocate for domestic violence victims and a Victims’ Assistance Specialist for the Pueblo District Attorney’s Office. Rivera currently works as a paralegal.

In a social media post written last night, Rivera said: “Thank you, Pueblo for the honor of a lifetime. I am humbled to continue to strive to be your Clerk and Recorder. We’re moving full steam ahead to work on key issues effecting (sic) our Clerk and Recorder’s office! Let’s win this in November! Thank you for your votes Pueblo County! We can do this together!”

FOX21 reached out to Ortiz for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Ortiz’s office has faced its share of criticism in the past.

Most recently, Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, appointed an observer to monitor the primary election in Pueblo, after receiving formal complaints of ballot errors committed by Ortiz’s office. Those complaints were made after incorrect ballots were sent out to about 1,600 voters before the primary.

Ortiz has said each of those voters was issued a replacement ballot.

Griswold assigned observers to two additional counties in Colorado for the Primary Election.