COLORADO SPRINGS — Former State Representative Lang Sias is making a bid to unseat current Colorado Treasurer Dave Young.

Sias, a republican from Denver, is a former US Navy Pilot who represented House District 27 from 2015 through 2019.

Area encompassed by House District 27

Sias was also the running mate for 2018 gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapelton – who lost to current Governor Jared Polis.

As for the current administration, Sias had this to say: “We have seen Colorado, excuse me – Denver, become the fifth least affordable city in the entire country. That happened on their watch. And we’ve seen in the rankings of business friendly states, Colorado has dropped from 11 to number 29. And that has happened on their watch.”

Sias received the republican nomination in the race for state treasurer and will appear on the June republican primary ballot as the party’s only candidate.