Firefighters give final push to Issue 1 campaign


As Election Day gets closer, Colorado Springs firefighters are giving one more push for voters to support Ballot Issue 1. 

In a full-page ad in Sunday’s Gazette, they said a lot of misinformation had gotten out about the issue. They said the group has been around since 1918, and the passage of Issue 1 would not form a new group. They said the goal is to make sure they have a long-term voice in public safety that’s not dependent on term-limited public officials. 

“When it comes to the media and comes to the ability to get our message out there, everything is very brief,” firefighter John Roy said. “You get a short news clip and that’s pretty much the only sound bite you have, and we’ve also had some opposition campaigns that have muddied the waters, so we wanted to give one last clarifying piece that your local firefighters are the ones pushing for this and they are the ones asking for your support.”  

Roy believes Issue 1 isn’t a partisan issue.  

Watch the full interview: 

In a ballot issue forum a few weeks ago, Mayor John Suthers argued that if this issue passes, this will cause other city workers to unionize, and hurt the city budget. 

“Collective bargaining is basically trying to override public officials elected to make those decisions,” Suthers said.  

Ballots are due Tuesday. Tap here for a list of drop-off locations

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