Election 2016: Information on retaining judges


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — There are 20 judges on the ballot, but no information at your hands.

“Voters are accustomed to receiving some things in the mail like the blue book or like the TABOR notice, and especially in previous years if some of the organizations have mailed about judicial retention, it stands out in their minds,” Ryan Parsell, chief deputy clerk and recorder for El Paso County.

Rather than spend hours researching judges online, there’s a website that lays out everything you need to know.

“It’s been a system that the state has used for a number of years. You can actually go back and look at judges from previous years as well. But it is just one resource. There’s a variety of special interest groups, or interested parties or even political parties that sometimes weigh in on an issue like a judicial retention,” Parsell said.

Just type www.coloradojudicalperformance.gov.

From there, you can choose the year 2016, your county, and read about each judge up for retention.

“Similar to how people have workplace reviews at their job, judges go to a review process as well. That’s done by the attorneys that practice in front of them, people that stand before them, and other people that have interactions,” Parsell said.

Each review is done by the state, which is what their ranking is based on.

The website also informs voters why each judge was given the ranking they received.

October 31 is the last day ballots will be mailed out to registered voters.

If you still need to update your registration, be sure to do so before the end of October.

Election day is November 8.

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