COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21 News is tracking Tuesday’s election results as they come in.

The first item in Amendment 78. It would give state lawmakers a say in how state money outside of the budget is spent, rather than going through the state treasury. It would open the door for public hearings to be held on the state spending custodial money. It requires 55% of the vote to pass.

One of the questions in front of Colorado voters asks to raise taxes on retail marijuana to fund and create a new state agency to provide tutoring and enrichment programs in Colorado.

Proposition 119 is listed next. Supporters want to see a 5% increase in marijuana sales taxes by 2024 to fund $137.6 million toward school learning programs. It would also create a separate state agency to manage the program.

Opponents say that is unnecessary, saying the state Department of Education is already receiving marijuana tax dollars and federal aid to help with learning losses from COVID.

Finally, Proposition 120 would reduce reduce rates for multifamily housing and lodging properties by more than $1 billion overall statewide, but thanks to a bill passed at the capitol this year, supporters think it could end up in a legal battle if enough voters say yes.

The legal battle over that language would happen after election. Voters have until November 2nd to turn those ballots in.

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