EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — On Friday, Dec. 24, around 2:00 AM, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Communications Section dispatcher responded to a 9-1-1 call where they heard a man in the background threatening to kill the caller. 

The line disconnected shortly after the dispatcher heard what sounded like a physical altercation occurring. When Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division deputies arrived on scene, they made announcements instructing anyone inside to exit. There was no response, and no view into the residence from the ground level.  

Members of the Cimarron Hills Fire Department (CHFD) were asked to respond to the scene to provide ladder access for deputies to a balcony. Deputies gained access to the balcony and observed evidence of a struggle inside the home. 

Additional announcements were directed inside through an open door. Deputies entered the home through that door and contacted three adults who were detained.

An on scene investigation determined David Dewitt, age 40, assaulted the victim with a weapon as well as committed several other criminal acts against the victim. Deputies also determined that Dewitt threatened the third person detained inside the home during the incident.  

He was arrested and booked into the El Paso County Jail on domestic violence-related Felony and Misdemeanor charges to include 2nd Degree Assault, Felony Menacing, and False Imprisonment.