COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Republican El Paso Clerk and Recorder candidate Peter Lupia says if elected–he will ask the El Paso County Commissioners to defund all dominion voting machines, and that’s not all.

Colorado’s mail-in voting system developed over years to become the gold standard for other states to reach, “Colorado has always been at the forefront of innovating in terms of electric administration, both from an access and security and integrity point of view,” Matt Crane, Executive Director of Colorado County Clerk’s Association says.

Crane with the Clerks Association says its the mission of election officials to constantly improve, “We believe in giving voters choices,” Crane says.

One popular voting choice is mail in voting. Republican candidate Peter Lupia claims mail-in balloting and electronic voting systems can lead to fraud and his promise? “I will be your strongest advocate to the county commission for the cancellation of all Dominion Voting Systems contracts in El Paso County,” Lupia says.

He will ask voters to return to in-person ballot delivery at a local precinct where ballots would be hand counted on site, “There are studies out there that say that hand counts can have up to 2% error rate,” Crane says.

Just passed this year all Colorado counties with over 1,000 people must use tabulation systems, where Lupia is putting his trust in election judges for a speedy but accurate hand count, “You’re going to ask those folks and say ok, here’s a stack of a thousand ballots with 40 questions on each ballot, go and by the way have it done the next morning because I have to keep my campaign promise that final results go out the next morning,” Crane says.

Under current state law, counties can begin counting mail ballots 15 days ahead of an election. Lupia is confident he can get the count done in time, while state election officials believe it would be impossible, “Back in the olden days, the stone age of elections as I like to call it, when we used to do that we had over 200 of these locations there,” Crane says, “It is impossible to recreate the security standards in 200 remote locations.”

Lupia disagrees, “I would say that if France can run their national elections, get all of their votes tabulated and have results done within 24 hours or less as they just did a few months ago, certainly El Paso County could do that,” Lupia says.

As Dominion contracts remains in El Paso County this election, “I would be open to having the secondary count or the backup count be something that we do through the machines,” Lupia says and Crane responds, “Well are they going to trust if they win? It’s funny how that works.”

Lupia continues to campaign for the June Primary election with the promise to cut ties with Dominion Voting Systems, but would consider a machine count only as a follow up.