COLORADO SPRINGS — A new report from CoreLogic, a property data firm, says that El Paso County has nearly 39,000 homes at risk of wildfire damage.

The 2022 Wildfire Risk Report was released on Sept. 8, and it lists El Paso County as having the highest number of homes at risk of Wildfire damage in Colorado. According to CoreLogic, a total of 39,000 properties were at risk of wildfire damage. The report cited that in 2020, El Paso County’s population to be 730,000, meaning “a significant wildfire event could impact a very large portion of the population.”

According to the report, wildfire activity has been increasing over the last decade. The report said between the years, 1983 and 1992 wildfires burned an average of 2.7 million acres per year, compared to the most recent 10-year period, when the yearly average was 6.8 million acres. The report states that three years, 2015, 2017 and 2020 had an annual total of 10 million acres burned.

Eagle, Jefferson, La Plata, and Douglas counties round out the top five counties in Colorado with a significant amount of homes at risk for wildfire.