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Students to install new electronic sign outside Palmer High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The student council at Palmer High School is making big leaps to improve communication. The sign that sits outside Palmer will soon be replaced by an electronic one.

City codes prohibit electronic signs, but the student council didn't give up. They went through the city planning department to get it approved. 

Senior Emma Stoner said the city gave them a "yes," but only after compromising on a few issues, like the concern of the electronic sign distracting drivers. 

"We assured them that instead of having a rolling image, we would use flat images," Stoner said. "They would be static for just a few seconds, and then they would change. And then also the brightness level would go down at nighttime, and we'll have a timer set on it so that it's less disruptive to the people around us." 

The last time the sign was updated was in 2006. All of the funds for the new one were collected by the student council. 

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