COLORADO SPRINGS — UCCS Economic Expert Tatiana Bailey discusses labor market information to see what are the most in-demand jobs, skills, and training.

According to Bailey, there is a labor market database that pulls all of the job postings from all of the U.S. from various platforms, removes duplicates from the data, and organizes it. This database can be searched by region to show the top jobs, how many openings by job, the market salaries, top skills, and certifications that employers are asking for.

The data can be used by schools to help decide what kind of programs to have in their high schools for career technical education, such as welding or nursing certifications. Post-secondary schools use the data to help formula programs to help train people for the jobs of today.

Locally the top jobs in southern Colorado require a wide variety of skills and training. The images below list the top job openings, the highest paying jobs along with automation risks, and the most demanded computer-related skills

Bailey says we can use the labor market information to help employers get the talent they need and help potential employees with the training they need to get jobs with livable wages.