(SPONSORED) — As we continue to highlight the Tri-Lakes area this week, FOX21 News is taking a closer look at how the area has grown over the last decade. Director of nonprofit Data-Driven Economic Strategies (DDES) Tatiana Bailey explained the demographic makeup of the region.

“As the charts show, there has been explosive growth in the Tri-Lakes region. From just 2010 to 2021, the population has increased by 67%, representing almost 5,400 additional people,” stated Bailey when citing data from the Colorado State Demography Office.

Bailey said the rate of population increases at 67% in 11 years show that a large portion of Colorado Springs’ robust growth has been concentrated in the north.

“Monument is also more educated and wealthier. The percentage of people with at least a bachelor’s degree in Monument is 54%, whereas it is about 40% for Colorado Springs,” according to Bailey.

Bailey stated that the median household income in 2021 was $103,000 in Monument and $75,000 in Colorado Springs. “Monument’s home value is higher at $420,000 vs. Colorado Springs at about $331,000.”

Bailey explained that growth is happening all over Colorado Springs, but the northern parts of El Paso County “have been and appear to continue to grow at the fastest rates.”