COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We got an exclusive look at the Chestnut Bridge project from an angle you won’t see anywhere else – compliments of our drone SKYFO21.

If you’ll remember back, the bridge had a massive sink hole in it last August, mostly caused by the large amounts of rain we got last summer.

The project is costing about $4.5 million.

Right now, they’re installing the main support of the bridge, which will essentially create a flood water channel underneath the new bridge.

The project is just now reaching the half way point.

For some people, the finished product can’t come soon enough.

The original sink hole definitely caused concern for people in the area.

“That could have been me falling through that, which is kinda scary when it happened, honestly,” Dylan Heese.

With the new project, that won’t be a problem anymore.

“Our project is on schedule. From day one construction was planned to last from April to November. We’ve hit some obstacles,” said City Engineer Alex Pellegrino.

Those are, “usually weather related. We have had some big rains this spring and summer, which has slowed us down, but we’ve been able to catch up on our schedule in other areas,” said Pellegrino.

It hasn’t been easy working in that area during this project.

“It’s been a headache, especially with our UPS and DHL pickups. It really causes an inconvenience for them, which puts us at a delay,” said Heese.

When the bridge is done people are excited to get back to their regular routine.

“More access to Chick-fil-A, which is exciting. Get some more pounds on me. I’ve lost about 30 pounds since this happened,” said Heese.

How it’s being designed means the sink hole problem should go away permanently.

“It passes all the flood events that we should see. We were also about to route a bike trail underneath the bridge,” said Pellegrino.

“I’m just excited to have our normal route back,” said Heese.

Colorado Springs has a total of 442 bridges and the city allocates $1.8 million dollars a year to maintain them all.