COLORADO SPRINGS — In 2021, downtown Colorado Springs broke a record with new businesses setting up shop.

Colorado Springs saw record-breaking growth in new businesses emerging downtown. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“In 2019, which was pre-pandemic, pre-everything, we had 17 street-level businesses that opened. And then this past year, 2021, we’ve had 37. So that is again the highest number that we have calculated to date,” said Katie Frank, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs Economic Development Manager.

One of those new businesses that opened their doors is Kindle Photo Studio and Event Space, co-owned by Kira and Preston Goff. Since opening their business in October of 2021, they said this increase in growth is a positive sign.

Kindle Photo Studio and Event Space was one of those that opened their doors in 2021. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“I think there’s something really exciting about what’s taking place in Colorado Springs right now which is continued attention and development of the downtown area. And that’s something that we really wanted to be a part of,” Preston said.

They said the increase in businesses only strengthens the already strong community downtown, and they also said they hope to give back to the community as a whole that helped them get their start.

“As Colorado Springs invests in small businesses, we want to invest back into the community and just be a really great place for people to foster creativity and community here,” Kira said.

The Goffs said the increase in growth gives them hope and excitement. Credit: Rachel Saurer

Businesses aren’t the only ones seeing the impact from the record-breaking growth.

According to the Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, the city also benefits.

“These are really healthy indicators that we as a community have this wonderful opportunity to embrace growth and maintain the quality of life that we’ve all come to know and love in Colorado Springs,” said Cecilia Harry, Chief Economic Development Officer at the Colorado Springs Chamber.

Harry said she hopes the community will continue to lend their ongoing support for the small, local businesses in downtown. Credit: Rachel Saurer

She said she was thankful for the community’s support in creating an environment for all these new businesses to thrive, and she encouraged people to continue to lend their support — especially to the ones that emerged in 2021.

“Buy your presents for your friend’s birthday from these local vendors and take your friends to coffee at these new locations. Think about who’s new in the community and who you’re excited to see and show you’re support through your dollars and your checkbook,” Harry said.