COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 News caught up with Colorado Treasurer Dave Young when he visited Pueblo on Thursday, and discussed the Colorado Cash Back/TABOR refund checks.

The checks– which every Colorado taxpayer should receive if they filed their taxes by June 30 — are a result of the Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which dictates that the state cannot spend more taxpayer money than it generates.

Therefore, all Colorado taxpayers should expect a refund check: $750 for individual filers and $1,500 for joint filers.

Treasurer Young said that while checks are being mailed out as quickly as possible, the state is limited in how many checks it can print a day.

“I think they are printing about 250,000 a day,” said Treasurer Young. “So when you think about the number of checks going out, people will have to be patient, but the goal is to get them out by the end of August. We’ve been telling people, if you haven’t seen it by the end of September you should get on the Colorado cashback program website and find the number and make a call.”

Along with the June 30 filing date, you also must have been 18 years old by December 31, 2021, and must have lived in Colorado for an entire tax year.

Extended filers who have a deadline of October 17, 2022 will receive the refund by January 31, 2023.