EL PASO, Colo. — The El Paso Sheriff’s office (EPSO) warns community members to watch out for scam callers posing as local law enforcement officers asking for money.

According to EPSO Sergeant Jason Garrett, scammers will first identify themselves as a ranking officer. They will then proceed to use a voice over internet provider (VOIP) such as Google Voice or other cell phone apps to create an untraceable phone number. Scammers will usually delete or replace the number after being used for a while, says Sgt. Garrett.

Scammers will target anyone by demanding money in exchange for removing a false warrant out for the targets arrest. They will claim that law enforcement will arrest them if they refuse to pay.

“We will never call you and tell you that we have a warrant out for your arrest,” said Sgt. Garrett. “We will never call and ask anybody for money.”

Targets will be asked to transfer the money through a gift card. Sgt. Garrett said that once the transaction is completed there is virtually no way for law enforcement to reverse engineer the scam and return the money to the victim.

These types of scam calls are countless and happen on a weekly if not daily basis, says Sgt. Garrett. He advises the community to simply ignore the calls if they receive them and not to be alarmed.