(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region’s (HSPPR) Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) team rescued two dogs who had been neglected and living in unsanitary conditions last week.

ALE received a tip regarding two dogs struggling with poor living conditions. When the team responded, they noticed that conditions were far worse than the initial report, according to HSPPR.

ALE officers said the home smelled strongly of ammonia and had fecal matter smeared on the floors and walls. Both dogs were kept in crates and were standing in their own urine and feces with no access to food or water. HSPPR said both dogs, Sirius and Bellatrix, were extremely underweight.

Officers from the team discussed the unfit living conditions with the owner who agreed they were unable to provide the dogs with proper care. Sirius and Bellatrix were surrendered to HSPPR and the owner was charged with four counts of Cruelty Toward Animals, according to HSPPR.

  • Dogs rescued from neglect & unsanitary living conditions by HSPPR
  • HSPPR removed a pound of fur on Sirius
  • Bellatrix
  • Bellatrix

Once back at HSPPR, the veterinary team discovered that Sirius needed a little more help than her companion. HSPPR said Sirius was struggling to walk and was severely matted from his face to his paws with objects stuck in his fur. The veterinary team performed an emergency shave-down that took an hour and a half. They removed a pound of fur that was also covered in urine and feces.

HSPPR said both dogs were healthy despite the matted fur and emaciation. Sirius and Bellatrix were placed on a refeeding plan to help them steadily gain weight.

The pair is not ready to find new homes just yet. HSPPR said Sirius and Bellatrix are doing much better and will be ready for adoption soon.

“Let their story be a reminder to report animal cruelty or neglect to your local ALE team,” stated HSPPR. “Our officers are committed to protecting the pets and people of the Pikes Peak Region.”