(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Academy District 20 announced it will delay the implementation of new school start and end times until the 2024-25 school year, Friday on Feb. 3.

While there is no universal agreement about the specifics of the plan, Academy District 20 said, “we can all agree that changing start/end times is significant for all families.” The response comes after polarizing opinions from parents who agree and disagree with the proposal.

“Therefore, to provide more clarity and better understanding about the impacts and scope of this proposal, we are delaying its implementation until the 2024-25 school year,” stated Academy District 20.

For 2023’s winter and spring semesters, Academy District 20 said it plans to hold several in-person community forums across the district to present information, answer questions, solicit feedback and possible solutions.

Academy District 20 also said it may not be able to provide bus services for field trips, after-school activities and special events due the delay in the implementation of school start and end time changes.