COLORADO SPRINGS — Pressure is mounting in Colorado Springs School District 11 after a board member posted divisive comments on social media regarding COVID-19.

Reverend Al Loma is one of three new board members elected into service this year. He was recently flagged for posting on his personal, but public, Facebook page images that seem to relate to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine carrying a risk of micro-chip implantation.

Today, Thursday, Jan. 20, board president Parth Melpakam discussed that with FOX21 News as well as a controversial comment that Loma made during a recent board meeting.

“Yeah, we’re gonna get sick. I have a cure for you–it’s called Nyquil. Amen?” Loma said.

Melpakam tells FOX21 News that he’s addressed Loma, as have other board members, saying that Loma’s comments are undermining their work overall. He says the reverend will not make those comments again.

To include social media, Melpakam said that he encouraged Loma to issue a public apology as well.

A group of community members which formed following the election in 2021 says that they hope that the board holds its members accountable but will wait to see it for themselves.

FOX21 News did reach out to Loma today for comment but has not yet heard back.