COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs School District 11 (D11) celebrated its 150th year with the dedication of a time capsule at the city’s oldest high school, Palmer High School in downtown Colorado Springs.

“District 11 has been here in 50 years, that to me is remarkable,” said Parth Melpakam, President of the D11 Board of Education. “The history that this district has, the number of students that walk through our campuses and staff that have made a difference in these students’ life. That’s a remarkable story by itself.”

Student Body President at Palmer High School, Takaya Montezdeoca, reflected on how old Palmer High School is and how he will be in the senior class to graduate at the 150 year milestone.

“Now to be that graduating class, to have our own picture up, it’s just kind of crazy to think how far we’ve come since, well, the 19th century,” said Montezdeoca.

Colorado Springs District 11 time capsule to celebrate 150 years of excellence

The capsule was filled with student writings, written hopes for students in the future, and elementary student artwork at a ceremony in the courtyard at Palmer High School.

Other items meant to reflect the trends students have been a part of include The Rise of Gru movie, a Grogu (baby Yoda) doll, and a bag of Taki’s.

“I personally think it did reflect a good portion of a generation, like for the things that we’ve done during time periods of COVID or like, for example, the things that we commonly eat like Taki’s, that’s like a big stereotype for Gen Z,” said Keyshawn Burgess, Palmer High School Senior.

Facemasks are another item that were put into the time capsule.

“There are some items in there that reflects what we as a community went through,” said Melpakam. “Facemasks and, you know, soap and hand sanitizers, things like those. And 50 years from now, I wonder what the future generation will think about it at that point.”

Time capsule on display with items that were placed inside on Tuesday afternoon

Burgess said he believes the time capsule will reflect what the students went through with the pandemic.

“Especially during like the COVID time period, a lot of traditions were lost,” said Burgess. “A lot of people lost their social connections. So such a thing honestly brought my excitement back for like the future for a lot of people to see the kind of stuff that we do at Palmer High School.”

The capsule is set to be opened in 50 years at D11’s bicentennial year in 2072.

“150 years back people were driving in horse-driven carriages and now here we are with advanced vehicles and cars. And in 50 years from now there will be more change, more technology, more computers,” said Melpakam. “Maybe there’ll be a different mode of transportation. But one thing is going to be constant our hopes and aspirations for our students.”

Before that time the capsule will be displayed above ground at the central administration building.