PUEBLO, Colo. — A community celebration and fundraiser was held for the Pueblo Star Journal (PSJ) newspaper at Watertower Place on Thursday. The journal has been resurrected by community members since its closing in 1984.

Pueblo Star Journal

Guests enjoyed local Pueblo food, art and the recently installed Steel Exhibition at the fundraiser. Vince Benavidez, a Colorado freelance artists also attended the community event to share a special live painting experience. Other local artists were asked to use their creative genius to transform ordinary garden trowels and large shovels into works of art for a live auction.

The June 24, 2022 edition of PSJ was released along with PSJ buttons and stickers at the event.

Viewers of the journal may have noticed a little shovel at the end of every article in the print newspaper to emphasize the journal’s tagline, ‘Dig Deeper.’

Artists who contributed to the event include: Teresa Vito, Jean Latka, Tom Latka, Joshua Soto, Kim Pluskota, James Beck, Jeff Madeen and Matte Refic.

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